The necessity for emancipation makes us act, that’s why we have to be out on the streets of Dresden on the 2nd October!

On the eve of the 3rd October we want to show together, that nationalism and the celebration of a national-state are no alternatives to us. We, people who define ourselves as women, lesbians, trans- or intersexuals, other or no gender – FLTI* form together the first block of the demonstration called “Solidarity without limits – Against the Reunion-celebration in Dresden”. We are tired of being angry in the silent darkness of marginalization.

The FLTI* – block creates an empowering and solidly uniting space in which we are loud and strong, without being subjected by existing norms and male dominance. For us the 3rd of October stands in tradition of patriarchal self-congratulation, (hetero-)sexism and social exclusion. We emancipate us and show that better ideas of life and society are possible!
The demonstration will take place on sunday the 2nd of October at 4pm at the Nürnberger Platz, next to the university in Dresden.

We stand against patriarchal continuity!

We don’t celebrate a national-state, which takes our right to decide over our own bodies!

For the emancipated society!